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Community Futures Nadina is an independent non-profit Community Economic Development (CED) organization governed by a volunteer board of directors with a focus on small business development serving Burns Lake, Granisle, Topley, Houston, Telkwa, Smithers and the surrounding rural areas. Nadina has a long history of assisting businesses and supporting local economic development with a wide range of tools and resources to support those businesses. · We provide start-up and expansion business loans including non-profit organizations who wish to engage in a social enterprise. · The Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) · We manage a wide variety of CED projects throughout our area · We provide assistance or management of Strategic Planning for groups and communities. · See our website for more detailed information. Our locations are as follows: Houston BC Office & Mailing Address 2430 Butler Ave., Unit A PO Box 236 Houston, BC V0J 1Z0 Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Smithers BC Satellite Office 3848 3rd Avenue Smithers, BC Open By Appointment Only - For appointments, please call our Houston Office 250-845-2252

P.O. Box 236
A 2430 Butler Avenue
Houston, BC V0J 1Z0
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Community Futures Nadina